Open SourceCloudEnterprise
Deploy applications to multiple clusters. Apache 2 license.Easily and securely register and connect clusters, including private clusters and third-party clusters. Expose global services.Enterprise-grade multi-cluster application management.
Deployment Optionsin-cluster agentsin-cluster agents
+ multi-tenant cloud API
+ admin CLI
in-cluster agents
+ up to air-gapped API
+ admin CLI
Supportcommunitycommunityup to 24x7
with experts on the phone
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Multi-Cluster Scheduling
Multi-Cluster Services ("East-West")with Cilium or service mesh*with Cilium or service mesh*multiple integrations
Multi-Cluster Ingress /
Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB)
with k8gb*DNS-basedmultiple integrations
Cluster Registryno*
Cluster Identity Federationno*
kubectl Single Sign-On (SSO)no*with Admiralty accountany Identity Provider (IdP)
Tunnels for Private Clustersno*
Centralized Kubernetes Audit Logsno*no*
Admiralty API SSO, RBAC and Audit LogsN/Ano*
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* Not supported doesn't mean impossible. We make it easy to build your own integrations.