Multi-cluster scheduling for Kubernetes. Now enrolling beta testers.

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Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Scheduler as a Service

Connect any Kubernetes cluster, whether on-prem or in the clouds.
  • Burst to Cloud

    Admiralty schedules workloads to use your base capacity first (on-prem clusters and scaled-in cloud node pools). At capacity, it targets elastic node pools.

  • Real-Time Arbitrage

    In elastic mode, Admiralty schedules workloads wherever suitable resources are the cheapest. Over time, it can migrate workloads to take advantage of price changes.

  • Secure by Design

    Admiralty's agent is open source, pushes observed data to, and pulls scheduling decisions from Admiralty. No need to give us the key to your clusters.

  • Easy Setup

    Get your Secret from the Admiralty console, apply Admiralty's manifest or install our Helm chart, and deploy your first multi-cluster application in minutes.