The simplest way to deploy applications to multiple Kubernetes clusters.

Global From Day One

Multi-Cluster doesn't have to be complicated.
  • Simple Configuration

    Deploy your applications across regions and clouds without changing your YAML. What works with a single cluster works with Admiralty.

  • Consolidated Access Control and Audit Logs

    As clusters proliferate, it’s hard to keep track of who can do what, and who did what. With Admiralty, users and service accounts connect to a single Kubernetes API to interact with any cluster, so you can centralize what should be centralized.

  • High Availability and Performance

    Admiralty integrates with global load balancers (AWS Global Accelerator, Azure Front Door, Google Cloud Load Balancing, etc.) to optimize traffic routing for low latency and to fail over instantly when an endpoint goes down.

  • Blue/Green Cluster Upgrades

    Kubernetes cluster upgrades are stressful. Cluster add-on version dependencies aren’t always clear. To give you peace of mind, Admiralty can migrate your applications between clusters during cluster upgrades. It’s like kubectl drain, but for clusters.

  • Bring Your Own Clusters

    EKS, AKS, GKE, OpenShift, etc., even the ones you built the hard way. Or let us provision some for you, you decide. Admiralty is compatible with all Kubernetes flavors.

  • No Vendor Lock-In

    Admiralty enables your multi-cloud strategy. And it won’t lock you in either. If you ever decide to go back to a world with less automation, at any time, Admiralty will give you a full snapshot of the underlying configuration.